This series explores submerged language arising from the interlines, as this blank space in between text that allows second readings and hidden meanings.

Departing from this point, the absence of text, a reflection begins around the significant value and meaningful sybolism ascribed to void, to blank spaces, to the cavities of language that hide the recesses of feelings. Void is understood as a relevant space in between words, in between lines, and it is unfold to the stage of elucidating a score of intimate silences, as a need to attend silence among the excess of speech.

The sign of the title refers to a concealment (…). A symbol wide enought to host silenced bits, a threshold where through the text disappears or emerges as metaphorical eyelids that retain the delightful echo of remembrance.

In the series Desiertos cicatriz… pages are aligned as if they were fragments of a landscape where the interline in the only element emerging in the horizon. Interlines have been displayed consecutively as the only possible text. The landscape of words transforms into a desert of silence that allows only to read intuitions. An horizon of events where signifiers have been absorbed while the vestiges of the letters are left, slightly arising from the horizon line.

A closer look reveals these remnants articulating a dance of little typographic traces resembling a choreographic display of notes in a score.

The landscape of interlines seems to cicatrize the wound of misunderstanding. Furthermore, the interlines suggest the prelude of novel graphysms, because it happens, by chance, that some of the typography left concords in puntual moments and draws new and different signs. These coincidences are sudden and subtle harmonies, seeds to a new alphabet.

Desiertos cicatriz... [Desert scar...]

Marquetry of interlines. Different measures.

The Inventory has the aim of collecting and classifing these new callygraphies. Methodically documented in hundreds of photographic files, some of them are selected and arranged as an intend to set a possible catalogue of new letters (or inter-letters).

De azar revolotean... [Fluttering from chance]

Inventory of inter-letters. Installation.


Open publication

Various of these suggestive inter-letters, coming from the interlines, have been materialised in metal types. The characters have been shaped in relief, modelled in wax and cast in silver, so that what was mere hypothesis has become real.

Entredecires... [Inter-sayings...]

Printing typos casted in silver inside antique jeweler. 25 x 20 x 13 cm.

A question is raised about the location of missed, cut, interrupted, censored, ceased or elided passages… A limbo might be situated over the other side of these brackets. (…). A limbo that hosts what it is unsaid. An embraced home in between two covers. An abode of suspense. That is to say, a book. A book of entrails.


Fragments of omitted texts under brackets or glass bell. 32 x 23 x 23 cm.