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From the beat of time springs the conscience of the present now that impels the works in this series, centered in quartz mechanical clocks and in their units of measurement, the second, (seconda minuta: the second division of the hour, also a fraction in a circumference). The second hand acquires prominence by persisting in going forwards, recalling that every single second passes and leaves traces. Every second beats and vibrates behind a background of words, as a thoracic drum where it peals. Every second sounds and resounds as irrecoverable.

But tale floods over beat. Time happens and relates over the skin flakes of its hurries and anxieties. The same as the clock stroke draws a repeated cycle over its own axis, following the dance of its circumference, a precise choreography engraves the groove of the everyday.

From that comes the term ENCYCLOSOPHY, knowledge in circles, concentric and cyclic, as an hypothesis of that learning so closely linked to the experience of repetition. From its notions of wisdom stuck to the body, to the days, seasons, generations, to the entrails.... Finally, that wisdom which opens up the passage of time and with which it consolidates into the emotional baggage of experience.

[Traces]. Book of spilled sand and clock mechanisms drawing the dance of a circumference. 280 x 112 x 85 cm height.

The seconds index shows that there is life, and its heartbeat percussion accentuates the current instant with a note that, once the instants are multiplied, play variable melodies that register time's elasticity and the malleable perception we have from it. Second after second, note by note, palpitation after palpitation compound a BOOK OF NOWS that mark the lines - or musical score – of its beats.

LIBRO DE AHORAS [polifonía]
BOOK OF NOWS [polyphony]. A melody of seconds over bells. 148 x 82 cm. To the ceiling.

Concern about what will happen seems to be a constant human feature. But if future can be predicted rigorously here there are some quiet dice under a glass bell, missing the chance of been thrown to guess the certainty of uncertainty with precision, as all sides have suspension points.

[Index]. Porcelain dice and uncertainty. 33 x 28 x 21 cm.

Julio Cortázar wrote a tale: "A fama had a wall clock and every week he took great care winding it up. As a cronopio was passing by he laughted at this view, went home and invented the artichoke-clock or alcaucil that can be named in both ways.
The artichoke-clock from this cronopio belongs to a great species, held from its stem to a hole in the wall. Its innumerable leaves appoint the current hour besides all hours, so that the cronopio takes a leaf out and knows the time. As he takes them out from left to right, the leaf always give the precise hour, and every day the cronopio starts a new round of leaves. At the very heart time cannot me measured anymore, so in the infinite purplish core the cronopio finds a great joy, then it can be eaten with oil, vinegar and salt, and put another clock in the hole."
From: Historias de cronopios y de famas

LIBRO DE AHORAS [o alcaucil]
BOOK OF NOWS [or arthichoke]. Clocks that give the precise hour, leading to the compromise of change from the very now. Printing over old book white pages. Different measures.

In the chest a continuous mechanism that lightly beats seconds over the glass and score the heart rhythm behind some words in the poem of a page that suggest conciousness of time passing by while the echo of a hearthache...

LIBRO DE AHORAS [o caja torácica]
BOOK OF NOWS [or thoracic cavity]. Heart rhythm clocks heating over the glass of a poem. 50 x 38 x 8 cm.

The sacred shrine of experienced time that is hold in memories as an urn of unconnected fragments, cuts and pieces of precious moments piled up in an album. An album with the shape of an oval containing dried hours in a bunch.

ÁLBUM [o un ramo de horas secas]
ALBUM [or a bunch of dried hours]. Fragments of texts pinned to the memory in the shape of a bunch of dried hours. 38 x 30 x 8 cm.

Fragments of past days left behind, recalled, labeled... As in the autumn leaves fall, months can also have deciduous days from the branch of life.

[De hoja caduca]
[Deciduous leaf]. Calendar leaves and its little revelations of the fallen days. 32 x 16 x 3 cm.