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As a consequence of this general violence of the present, I have been exploring the double use of Language as a tool, or weapon, against communication. The double-edged blades of some very fragile porcelain knives, come with the idea of dialogue as a mean to understand and transmit, not to hurt.

The term incisive stands up as a revealing concept. It refers to a sharp knife that affects on a surface as much as an observation that remarks a crack in reality, unnoticed before. The metaphor, created on the basis of the affinity in the gesture, builds up a parallelism in between words and a sharp blade. And this may apply to other numerous terms, where this double edge of signification appears.

So language has this double edge: sharp words as knifes that stress on, even interrupt, communicative bonds. And knifes with wrapped blades, which give preference to dialog over a split.

Femme couteau...

Porcelain blades with inscriptions inside a velvet lined case. 82 x 34 x 34 cm.

To say, then, can be used to link, to connect as much as to disregard, to separate. A double consequence of language that relates to the affinity to the words we use, the attachment, the proximity and concordance in between the intention of my language and my body, my feelings and my actions. This alignment of both aspects generates balance. In front, the distance that empty words produce, as saying does not content meaning.

Femme couteau... [After L.B.]

Porcelain blades covered in words and threads. 162 x 85 x 72 cm.