Nature girl

NORA.--- … I only know now that my attitude has become essential to me. A Doll's House, Henrik Ibsen

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Nora, the character that inhabits A Doll House, by Henrik Ibsen, witnesses the wreckage of her system of beliefs. The psychological change operated in her mind arrives abruptly when reality unveils and her expectations suddenly fail to disillusion. Her gaze embodies a new attitude towards her life, her situation and her priorities… and she starts along a diverted route to acknowledgement and awareness.

A video piece presents a feminine figure adapted to the elastic, enveloping net of a hammock, a shape that seems cozy and flexible, an intimate moment of withdrawal and protection. But soon it seems to be constraining, so the figure revolves and looks for an exit. The outstanding interpretation of the actress, Elisenda Rué, gives a unique view on this feeling of restlessness. The movement inside the hammock, against the light of the afternoon sun, draws the silhouette of the body and reminds of an uterus containing the fetus about to be born. A second birth to a new consciousness.

Along with the slow swing there is the sound of a voice murmuring a lullaby. It suggests the intention of putting the woman to sleep, but the lyrics explain the story of a girl (a free version of Nature Boy, by Nat King Cole, here turned into Nature Girl) confronting the inherited situation and inviting to step out of it.

The hammock, knotted, is present on one side of the projection, symbolizing the unstable situation left behind.


HD video, 6' 44''. 2012.