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CYCLE WHITE UNDER BLACK, Works from the Imperceptible, Arts Santa Mònica.
Curators: Assumpta Bassas and Joana Masó.

Espai Arxiu. From March, 11th to April, 20th 2014

In 2010 the installation [Trazas] ([Traces]) presented a board covered with sand in which moving hands
traced circles while, in parallel, the sounding of notes accentuated the passing moment. Perhaps it was the
very action of time that called for an enlarging of the space on which to trace and resonate.

Now these traces and this time are no longer confined to a table but occupy a large area: the horizon of the
exhibition space. In this way, in making it tend to infinity, Mar Arza has brought out a contrast between
the precise itinerary of the dials and the wiped-out limitlessness of the background where the second
hands relentlessly inscribe their destiny, or seek it.

Viewed from above, the symbolic texture of these forms is densified, pointing towards something hidden under the sand, not just on the surface or in the harmonious movement of distant skies. What might appear as a time closed on itself in the metabolic cycle of natural life, and repeated identically — what Hannah Arendt would identify as the time of labour — in the artist’s intuition seems to emerge as furrowed time, rescued from monotonous indifference to become signifying ground.

If Arendt spoke of a progressive desertification of the world that she understood as the space between individuals, the artist’s gesture can lead us to the beating hearts of the desert to dig up some of the remains of the world with Sisyphean efforts."

"It is not a question, then, of ‘poeticising’ the everyday paper trail but of capacitating another language — here, the poetic alterity of verse — in order to inscribe a differential gesture in the economy both of days and of accounts, of estimated readings and consumptions. This being so, this other word often, in the work of Mar Arza, leaving a trace in a vacuum on the line, where a breach in the line, something happened.."

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