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Based on the text by Julio Cortázar: “La prosa del observatorio” (The Prose of the Observatory), a brief but intense text that goes along the symmetries between skies and oceans, stars and fishes, literature and science. A text that is accompanied by some amazing images of the Astronomic Observatory of Jaipur.

I can imagine the marble machines from where to observe the sky full of starts, in order to measure them, draw them, formulate them. At the same time, I can imagine the watchtower from where to observe the world; from which Cortázar observes the world to narrate every single detail. I imagine the writing machine as an observatory: with all its curves, levers, its steps, ramps and keys, its gears and mechanisms, all being pulled by curiosity, by the thirst of... A watchtower from where to glimpse a whole constellation of letters and all its divers combinations.

Among the keys, we can find the asterisk, directly fallen form the plenary of astral bodies, to become an orthographic sign, used to call for notes*. Its root, aster, means, star. While, asterism, describes a group of stars, a constellation. In this case, the writing machine has stars perfectly organized in a parliamentary semicircle. Levers raise these stars towards the sphere of literature within the multiple formulas of letters combinations: words. Words are constellations.

Writing, like Astronomy, share the same grammar of dreams. The writing machine, like the marble machines form Jai Singh, retain remote mysteries. The alphabetical plenary like the plenary of stars, like the abyssal depths of oceans, all interrogate the most intimate feelings and believes. In this perpetual interrogation, the most lucid hints can be either words or stars, or even brilliant squamae visible in the dead of night. In the canopy of heaven, some scales follow the Milky Way. The migration of auroras in the dark night of an ink path.

Meanwhile, in the depth innards of the writing machine, the black red ink ribbon twists around the reels waiting to unfold the enigma. The ribbon displays an horizon. The black ribbon of all migrations traces an itinerary, like those of eels, up and down the river, like those of stars along the milky ways. A complete circulatory system. The vein, the bandage, the blood circulating. Circular destiny of all creatures.

Precisely, in this ribbon we can perceive the profile of letters. The pregnant ribbon, with words along the length. A quivering river of prose impregnated. A pure writing vice: the ink ribbon is support for writing and a tool itself for writing. It writes and it is written. The proper function engraved in its own skin.