Escala de valores
[Scale of Values]


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As present, terrible present draws on, it seems as if values are lessen, in a free fall. Step by step they descent down the scale of priorities.

The book: La ciudad de la Ilusión (The City of Illusion/Delusion), depicts a place completely devastated first by greed, then by abandonment. The cruelty of characters, the immoral behaviours, the nihilism, points out the absolute vacuity of lives in search of gold, richness, ostentation.

It could be perfectly placed in parallel to recent history in this country where economical crisis has made vanished any hint of social justice.

The oblique way of engaging words, line by line, arise a cross reading that comes up with the idea of an intertwined message. Pages are cleared, so that it gives way to a submerged text presenting other views on reality. Descending steps to the Hades.

Escala de valores... Detail.

Escala de valores... Diptich, from the book: La ciudad de la ilusión (The City of Illusion/Delusion). 70 x 50 cm each. 2015.

Escala de valores... Detail.