La Nada de no pensar en Arte
[The Nothing of not thinking about Art]


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The architecture of this building raises with magnificence and traces a rational and superb profile. But this facade remains empty. There is a big hole, a real and symbolic hole. It seems as it is the framework of nothing, the fragile carcase of an outrageous vacuum.

Although the concept of framework is used in Philosophy to refer to the “structure from which an intellectual construction is based and organized”. The framework then hosts, or should host, a well constructed and coherent thought.

What happens with an artistic institution that persists in its void underneath the imposture of its great facade?

Andamiaje... From the book: The Art of thinking about Nothing. 38 x 30 x 30 cm. 2015.

This series of works bring up the very actual moment where there is a progressive process of hollowing institutions, where content no longer matters, and there is an alarming drift to arbitrariness. Artistic institutions seem to be stranded in insignificance.

And I quote P. B. Preciado, in his article entitled: El Museo apagado (The extinct Museum):
«If we want to save the Museum, maybe we should have to, paradoxically, choose the public ruins rather than the private profitability. And, if this is not possible, then time has come to occupy the Museum collectively, get rid of the debts and build meaningful barricades. Switch off the lights, so there is no option for the spectacle to continue; then the Museum can start working as a parliament with a different sensitivity».

We are in need of contents rather than containers; ideas and subjectivities rather than shells completely clung to its emptiness.

Andamiaje... Detail.

Dig, seek, gather... in the dense magma of thought, in order to raise barricades, meaningful barricades, so we are contained in an area of sense, at least, what it makes sense to us, holding back the nonsense.

Trenches of indomitable text, raising its particular voice in letters, yelling there is no inane excuses any more. Words upraising, on barefoot, majestic, across a fertile land. Dignity stands up with the verticality of its statements.

Barricadas de sentido... Trenches of text across the land of the book: La casa de las dunas (The House of Dunes). 34 x 30 x 24 cm. 2015.

Barricadas de sentido... Detail.

The series ends with a third piece or a route map, the suggestion of a path that goes from a trivial title which is: The Art of Thinking about Nothing, to a more poignant title that refers the close bond to Art: The Nothing of Not Thinking about Art. That is what it comes if there is no real attachment to Art, to meaningful content. The algorithm is none but the true link between art and life.

Hoja de ruta... Transformation of the title with same words, from the book: El arte de no pensar en nada (The Art of Thinking about Nothing). 59 x 46 x 4 cm. 2015.

Hoja de ruta... The Art of Thinking about Nothing/ The Art of Not Thinking about Art/ The Nothing of Thinking about Nothing/ The Nothing of Not Thinking about Art. Rule 7: The order of the words in the sentence.